50 Cal. blue fluorescence

  • Premium Quality Blue Fluorescent Rubber Silicon Balls in 50 cal. ATTENTION! Please read the simple instructions below ''HOW DO THEY GLOW?'' before using them.
  • Amazing Visual Experience in the Dark: The balls glow in the dark thanks to their blue fluorescence. Keep the balls first for a short time under the light (e.g. under flash light from the smartphone). Then bring them into the dark, their unique blue florescent color will start to shine.
  • Suitable for Training, Shooting, Home Defense and Paintball Guns in 50 caliber. Each single ball weighs ca. 1,3 gr.
  • Made in EU Standards - high quality product
  • Soft Rubber Balls with Strong Effects: These balls are also very good for home and self defense

32,90 $

Additional information

Weight 0,151 kg
Ball weighs

1,3 gr.

Box weighs

151 gr.




Blue fluorescence

One Box

100 pcs.

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